Check out Two Way City's Top Two-Way Radio Picks of 2014

#1 - Uniden GMR3040-2CKHS 30-mile Two Way Radio - Perfect for Hiking and Traveling

I would have to say by far this is one of the best radios Uniden has out for the reasonable price that customer's are looking to pay. The GMR3040 has up to a 30-mile range (in optimal settings) and 22 channels (7 FRS and 15 GMRS) which makes this an extremely versatile radio. With 121 privacy settings it allows for a greater chance to reduce interference from other users. 10 call tones, VOX operation, Roger beep, and NOAA weather channels for tuning in to emergency/weather broadcasts. Package comes with two radios, rechargeable batteries, dual charging base, headsets, carabiner clips, and belt clips. Can't find a better radio for it's reasonable price.

#2 - Midland LXT500VP3 24-mile Two Way Radio - Perfect for Hunting and Camping

This is a great radio by Midland and a top seller among consumer two-way radios. It has everything you need to make you happy with your purchase. Package comes with two radios, dual charging station, rechargeable batteries, and belt clips. The LXT500VP3 is great due to the many features that come on the radio. Silent Operation for times when quiet is of utmost importance. Call alert notifies you when you have an incoming call so need not worry about any missed communications. It comes with an auto squelch feature which helps take out any annoying background noise and, most importantly, it is water resistant.

#3 - Motorola Talkabout MS350R 35-mile Two Way Radio - Perfect for Hunting and Hiking

Motorola definitely did it right with this two-way radio. Nice, ergonomic sleek design with a yellow face plate for ease of finding if dropped in the water. This radio is ultra durable and water proof (IP-67 standard) allowing it to survive water dunks of up to 1 meter for 30 seconds and the heaviest of rain droplets. It also floats for easy recovery if dropped in water. Great feature on this radio is the repeater function which improves your radio transmission coverage by working with local repeater stations to help carry your signal further away. Works best with GMRS channels 15R-22R, but remember you'll need a GMRS license to operate off of those channels. 

17th Oct 2014 Mike - Two-Way City, LLC

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