If you're looking for an addition to your staff that will increase productivity, boost profits, and cut expenses, then pick up a pack of Motorola CLP1040 business two-way radios. Reliable communication is a cornerstone of any successful business, when it counts, instant communication is a welcome luxery that you can have thanks to the portable CLP 1040 two-way radio. Enjoy flawless communication at a low cost with Two-Way City.

Portable Radios That Save Money

Expenses of running a business can add up, fast! If you want communication that pays for itself, it's a no brainer to take advantage of Two-Way City's CLP1040 bundle packs. No more phone bills from phone use calling out to the dock or trying to locate an employee in the stock room, the low cost that we are selling these radios for are all you will pay once out of the box. Once you equip your team with these Motorola radios, you'll wonder how you ever operated before having these devices.

Motorola CLP1040 Radio Features   

Every Motorola CLP1040 has a range up to 100,000 square feet or 10 floors, which allows staying in contact with your staff seamless. The 1040 model offers 4 channels and access to 99 different UHF business frequencies. Once charged up, the CLP1040 portabel radio is super simple to operate and requires very little instructions to it's user. In a fast paced environment, simplified communication is just another ingredient to a successful operation.

Wired earpiece is included with each radio which allows for PTT transmissions and clear, private listening ability. The CLP 1040 employs a single, but large, push button on the front with voice driven menus. Equip your radio with the magnetic holster and position your radio anywhere on your uniform that allows for obstruction free use. A one year warranty is included with each radio to help protect your investment from the rough environments of restaurant and healthcare settings. Take advantage of our bundled packages and outfit your entire team with the radio that will help your business reach new heights.     

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