About our company

Having the right portable two-way radio solution can make all the difference in the world for your business. Motorola two-way radios will keep your costs more efficient, your customers satisfied with their excellent service, your operations running smoothly day-to-day, your employees safe and your future secure. When placing an order with Two-Way City, you can be confident that you are investing in the very best brand for two-way communications systems—Motorola.

Why You Should Choose Two-Way City

Of course, we are not the only Motorola radio dealers that you might find, so why choose us? For starters, we are Authorized Motorola Business and Recreational Two-Way Radio Resellers which means that Twowaycity.com has met and exceeded the requirements from Motorola to market and sell their line of professional and consumer radios. By outfitting your business or organization with radios from Twowaycity.com, you have secured the right to be our number one priority in making sure you are satisified and the radios are exceeding your expectations. With our expert technical support and customer service, there is no doubt from the moment you place an order with us that you will be taken care of and have complete confidence in your Motorola two-way radio purchase from Two-Way City.

We are proud to provide quality customer service from our valuable experts via email, a phone call or a live chat. This great service has given birth to thousands of satisfied customers and partners in the industry. These staff members know exactly what it is that they are selling, and they know how it works. The benefit of free, same day shipping is offered to all customers on all product orders so that you will be able to start using your radios as soon as possible. The additional benefit of lifelong support is another that you will get with Two-Way City as long as you keep using these great products. Finally, perhaps the biggest reason to invest in Motorola Two-Way Radios from Two-Way City—we have continuously had the lowest prices around.

Giving You the Best Since 2007

We have been around since 2007 so you can be confident that we are here to stay! We have been growing year after year and continue to grow our inventory to bring you the best and highest quality two-way radios for your business or recreational needs. Two-Way City is proud to offer Motorola business two-way radios and recreational two-way radios at the lowest prices around. Motorola is the number one name among the two-way radio brands. If you want a clear, straightforward way to communicate during your extremely busy work day, visit our business radios page. If your looking for reliable way to communicate while camping in the wilderness or hiking your favorite scenic spot, visit our recreational radios page or contact a radio expert with Two-Way City today.  We are confident that with the right two-way radio, your business will flourish, your team will become efficient, and your costs will go down.

Please call one of our two-way radio experts today to place an order! Toll Free (855) 875-9909

Michael Nye - President & CEO