Motorola Two-Way Radios for Your Business

Common Industries for Radio Usage

Imagine you need to cancel a meeting with your staff. How much time would go to waste if you call each one of them separately?

That’s where two way radios come in handy, by offering group calls. All you need to do is to speak once and be heard by the entire group.

Or let’s imagine you’re facing an emergency and need to let the others know about your situation. If you call via cell phone, you have to dial the number, wait for it to connect and ring till the other side answers.

Not so efficient, right? Taking into consideration that your situation might worsen, two way radios are your savior.

With two way radios, the PTT button can be instantly pressed and all you need to yell out is “HELP”.

Two way radios have been used as the backbone for communication for many industries throughout the years. Here are the industries that use two way radios for their day-to-day business applications.


Motorola two way radios have offered many benefits with their presence in the construction industry. By employing business two way radios, companies have achieved enhanced communication both on-site and off-site, increased their job safety and assured clear & smooth communication at all times.

With the durable Motorola two way radios, temperature drops, dust, winds, water or dirt are no longer a burden to communication and excelling at the job site.


With many situations that may occur on school sites and campuses, it’s important to make sure our young minds will be safe so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow.

This is why Motorola developed the CLS and RM series of lightweight yet durable two way radios that can benefit all education employees, from lunchroom staff to teachers.


When saving lives is a job, each second is important. That’s why Motorola two way radios have been incorporated into the daily aspects of hospital staff to meet their critical requirements. After choosing the right radio for your needs, rest assure that you’ve made the right investment to protect your patients’ lives, increase security and a streamlined admissions process.


The hospitality industry’s success revolves around fast & efficient communication in order to satisfy the guest. The Motorola Business Series Radios help hospitality industries achieve this, no matter the size of the hotel, motel or resort.

Motorola two way radios are diverse and can be used in any department, taking your customer service experience to the next level.


With the high number of staff and complex processes that occur in manufacturing plants, plant managers have never been better connected than now with the Motorola DTR Series Digital Radios. Motorola two way radios will help you achieve clear and constant communication, while increasing your profits.

Property Management Services

When supervising is essential for daily operations, being connected with your team is the most important aspect that the job will be finished with no room for mistakes. Cut your cell phone costs and order the Motorola DTR or DLR Digital License Free Two Way Radios now.


Increase your customer satisfaction with the lightweight Motorola Business Series Two Way Radios. The CLP and CLS models are highly recommended, because of their sleek design and high performance.


Instant communication is the fuel to any retail business. Make sure your employees know when they need to be in the stock room, in the stores or simply help assist at the cash register. The Motorola Business Series offers a wide selection of flawless radios for your retail business.


Motorola two way radios have your back during any situation, helping the safety of the public. When Motorola built their radios, they had reliability and safety on their mind. In fact, the DTR series is a great choice to have on your tool belt. Over 10,000 agencies around the world are employing Motorola two way radios, why wait? 

15th Jul 2016

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