My two way radio advertises a 35 mile range but I can’t reach that…what gives?

What most consumers should understand before purchasing FRS/GMRS two way radios is that the maximum advertised range is what is achieved during testing in OPTIMAL conditions. Optimal usually means across open plains or water with absolutely no obstructions whatsoever and a “direct line of sight” between the radios. In most cases, this range will not be achieved in environments that you deploy your radios in.

Many factors come into play when trying to achieve the greatest range that you can while enjoying your radios. The largest factor would have to be obstructions. Signals need to travel from one radio to the other and when there are obstructions (such as hills, mountains, trees, buildings, etc.) then those signals are drastically shortened which results in a shorter than advertised range. In most instances, you should expect to achieve a couple miles of range, but know that we have had some customers that have reported being able to communicate up to 20 miles away.

When picking your 2-way radio, try to keep in mind the setting that you’ll be using them in and the type of range you are looking to achieve. If you are looking for greater distances then a higher wattage radio, radio with a repeater system, or CB radio might suit you better than a two-way radio. Here at, we offer hassle free returns and money back guarantees (refer to our policy section) so you can feel confident that if your purchase isn’t living up to your needs we will do our best to get you what you need. Take a look out our discounted 2-way radio bundle section and if you have any questions about what radio will work best for your situation, please use the "contact us" section and we’ll get back to you ASAP 

22nd Jun 2015 Mike - Two-Way City, LLC

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