Cell Phones vs. Two-Way Radios

In this ever-more evolving world of technology, cell phones have revolutionized the way we communicate. Smartphones and tablets provide many features, making them an asset to both our personal and professional lives.

You’re most likely saying to yourself, “Why use two way radios, anyways? Can’t they just use a cell phone?”

Believe it or not, two way radios outweigh even the best cell phones. And if you read below, you’ll learn about all of the benefits that two way radios provide – not just the part where you save a significant amount of money (which never hurt anyone).

Let’s Compare Them

Here are some points just to give you an overview about how they can benefit your business, as well as any complications that they may cause.

Let the battle begin!

Cell Phones:

  • Effective for long distance communications.
  • Have expensive monthly fees for different data plans.
  • Don’t have service if there isn’t an active cell tower nearby.
  • You don’t need to obtain a license to operate a cell phone.
  • High roaming charges when away from the area of service.
  • Aren’t waterproof and can’t sustain impacts.
  • May not work in rural or remote locations.
  • For communication, it’s required to dial a number and wait around 30 seconds or longer for the call to connect.
  • Can establish multiple connections in the form of a group call.

Two Way Radios:

  • Used for a shorter range of communication.
  • Are very easy to use.
  • Are more durable and many are waterfall, submersible and can float in water.
  • Less expensive than cell phones.
  • No contracts or monthly fees.
  • No roaming charges apply.
  • Only one-time purchase and FCC license (if needed).
  • Work great within a line of sight in remote or rural locations.
  • Multiple calls are simple by pressing the PTT button for a group conversation.
  • No wait time to connect to a call.

When comparing cell phones and business two way radios, the advantages that two way radios offer outweigh cell phones.

It’s estimated that 60 to 120 minutes of productivity are lost when a cell phone stops functioning.

A cell phone doesn’t even need to break for it to stop functioning. Dead spots, network outages, insufficient battery life or even problems with the speaker or microphone can contribute for an ineffective workflow.

Two Way Radios – A Communication Lifeline

Motorola two-way radios continue to be the most effective way of communication among millions of workers, from retail stores to large scale manufacturing plants, offering reliability and functionality in many different environments.

The fail rate (which means not holding up to the rigors of the workflow) is around 20% annually for cell phones while two way radios only have a 4-8% fail rate.

You simply can’t go wrong when choosing two way radios for your business needs, simply because it’s a cost effective solution to assist the most critical segments in your communication, adding value and reliability in every situation.

They even work effectively during power outages and emergencies, provide clear communication in noisy areas, ensure communication is private, are durable and have a longer battery life than cell phones.

Don’t waste any more time and get your two way radio today! We’ll help you choose the best type for your business needs!




31st May 2016 Michael - Twowaycity.com

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