Why two-way radios...Why Two Way City?

Two way radios have been around for quite some time. One of the first true mobile two-way radio was built in 1923 over in Australia. Now fast forward 93 years and where walkie talkies make up a large sector in mobile communications and play an invaluable role in the daily operations of countless businesses and work industries.

Motorola has become one of, if not the biggest, leaders in mobile communications throughout the world. In our opinion, where Motorola excels is in their professional radio sector. They not only build some of the toughest and incredibly efficient radios in the market, but they build them with specific job industries in mind. This is one of the biggest reasons why Two-Way City became authorized Motorola business & recreational two-way radio dealers and sell only Motorola radios and accessories exclusively. We felt very strongly that since we wanted to carry the best communication product for our customers that Motorola was the right choice.

Radios Built For Your Work Industry

Motorola radios were built with specific jobs in mind and include features specific to those professions. Two-Way City carries several different Motorola radio series that excel across jobs located within the healthcare, hospitality, property management, restaurants, construction, retail, education, and manufacturing industries. In these industries, Motorola radios are paramount to increasing profitability, streamlining operations, speeding up production, excelling in workplace safety, and so much more. Countless companies, municipalities, government agencies, & private sectors, count on Motorola to help them stay connected

Some Benefits To Outfitting Your Operation With Motorola Professional Radios

  • Models are built compact and lightweight so that they are easily carried on a job site
  • Efficient features that help ensure successful day-to-day operations
  • Numerous audio and charging accessories to fit your needs
  • Choose between UHF, VHF, and 900 MHz radios
  • Cut costs with quick, crisp, transmissions cutting talk time on cell phones
  • Increase job safety with instant access to communication for relaying information
  • Speed up productions on the warehouse floor leading to increased profits

Why trust in Twowaycity.com for your communication needs?

Two-Way City has been serving the communications industry since 2010 and has thousands of satisfied customers & clients. We have an informational & easy to navigate website to help guide you with your purchase of the perfect two-way radio for your business.

Where we feel we stand out and where we have seen a lot of positive feedback, is our dedication to the Motorola Radios we sell and the service we provide. Unlike most internet retailers we won't disappear 30-days after purchase (standard return policy for most e-commerce businesses), if there is an issue you are having at 2 months, 6 months, or 1 year down the road, you can call us, email us, or live chat with us, to see how we can help. This is usually in the form of troubleshooting issues, answering questions about your Motorola Warranty or assisting in initiating warranty help from Motorola. We at Two-Way City feel that once you become one of our many customers you have placed a trust with us that we take very seriously. That trust is to provide you with the best radio solution and product so that your business can be as successful as it was meant to be. We promise that we won't be satisfied until you are with your communications purchase from Two-Way City.

Don't wait any longer, outfit your business or operation with Motorola Professional Radios from www.twowaycity.com and experience communications perfection.

25th May 2016 Michael - Twowaycity.com

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