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Motorola manuals, brochures, and spec sheets for all of our business models.


CLP User Manual
CLP Product Brochure
CLP Spec Sheet
CLP Restaurant Field Use
CLP Retail Field Use
CLP Hospitality Field Use


CLS User Manual
CLS Product Brochure
CLS Spec Sheet
CLS Restaurant Field Use
CLS Retail Field Use
CLS Grocery Field Use


DLR1020 User Guide/Quick Reference Guide
DLR1060 User Guide/Quick Reference Guide
DLR Product Spec Sheet
DLR Education Field Use
DLR Healthcare Field Use
DLR Hospitality/Restaurants Field Use
DLR Retail Field Use


RM User Manual
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RM Quick Reference Guide


RDU4100 User Manual
RDU4100 Product Brochure
RDU4100 Spec Sheet
RDV5100 User Manual
RDV5100 Product Brochure
RDV5100 Spec Sheet
RDU4160d User Manual
RDU4160d Product Brochure
RDU4160d Spec Sheet
RDX Construction Field Use 
RDX Manufacturing Field Use
RDX Property Management Field Use
RDX Education Field Use
RDX Hospitality Field Use
RDX Retail Field Use


DTR410 User Guide
DTR Product Brochure
DTR550 User Guide
DTR Product Brochure
DTR Construction Field Use
DTR Manufacturing Field Use
DTR Property Management Field Use
DTR Education Field Use
DTR Retail Field Use
DTR Healthcare Field Study

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Spec Sheet

        Two-Way Radio Common Terms & Definitions:

What is an FRS Channel? 

Also known as the Family Radio Service, FRS channels utilize frequencies around 462 and 467 MHz in the UHF (ultra high frequency) band. FRS channels can be used by all without having to obtain an FCC license first. 

What is a dual desktop charger?

The provided dual charger will allow you to recharge up to two radios at once with the included rechargeable battery packs. You can only recharge the provided battery packs and NOT standard alkaline batteries or rechargeable alkaline batteries in these chargers.

What is the backlit LCD display?

Most radios will come with a digital LCD display that shows you all of the radio information while in use. The radios that include this feature allow for you to turn on a backlight so that this information can be visible in low light settings.

Will my radio operate on alkaline "AA" and "AAA" batteries?

Yes, certain models that are rechargeable can operate on AA or AAA alkaline batteries as well as the provided rechargeable battery packs. If it says that it will operate on alkaline batteries on each respective product page then you can use both rechargeable battery packs and alkaline batteries. Please remember to never place your radio in the charging base or use the charging cable when it contains alkaline batteries. Those charging devices are only used with the included rechargeable battery packs.

What are rechargeable battery packs?

These are the provided battery packs used with your radios for certain models. These packs will either consist of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries are great for the avid user who would like the radios use to be cost effective in the long run. 

What are NOAA weather channels?

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) provides weather channels and alerts to let the user know the current weather conditions and any weather alerts in the area of use. This feature will require that the NOAA is available in your area. You can check with your local weather office for this information. 

What are FRS and GMRS channels?

Channels allow for users to communicate back and forth to each other. FRS (Family Radio Service) channels do not need a license to use while GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) channels do. As long as all users have their radios on the same channel, each radio will be able to communicate with one another.

 What are privacy codes?

- A feature that helps filter out the chatter from other users who might be using the same frequency. Common misperception is that the conversation is private when using this feature. IT IS NOT. Your conversations can still be  heard by users who set their radio to not filter for a privacy code.

What is IVOX mode (voice activated transmit)?

Feature on two way radios that allow for you to use the radios hands-free. This feature is sound activated so all you do is speak and the radio will transmit for you.

What is range?

Please be advised that the advertised maximum range set by each respective manufacturer has been tested in optimal, obstruction-free, settings and may not be the true range that you will achieve. Many factors affect the range such as buildings, trees, hills, mountains, power lines, and pretty much anything else that would disrupt a clear line of sight. Range will vary from user to user and setting to setting. Shorter range in urban settings and heavily obstructed areas.

What are call tones?

Call Tones allow you to transmit a tone to other radios and alert them that you want to talk. Most radios will have several tones so you can choose what one you like best.

What is the keypad lock?

Locks your keypad to prevent unintended changes to your settings while being bumped around.

What is the USB port?

Your radio can also be charged using a standard USB cable and the USB port on the side of the radio. You can plug it into your PC or connector for an AC wall outlet or DC vehicle port.

What is the emergency alert?

Radios that feature Emergency Alert have a button that, when pressed, sends out a distress call to other radios within range. Once the distress button is pushed, the radio will usually go into hands-free mode for a several seconds so you can relay your emergency.

What is talk confirmation tone?

Also know as the "Roger Beep", once activated, a tone is transmitted to the receiver after each transmission. This signals that the transmission has finished, and it is now the other person's turn to talk.

What is audible low battery alert?

- An audible tone to alert the user that the battery is low and it needs to be changed or charged.