EasyAssist EA200 HD PTT Call Button

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EasyAssist 200HD PTT wireless call buttons are the best way to add functionality to your two-way radio deployment. Anywhere there are customers or employees that need to interact-EasyAssist 200HD PTT is there. EasyAssist 200HD PTT is self contained, easily programmable and reprogrammable for permanent or temporary installations all over your work environment. EasyAssist 200HD can be mounted securely and permanently to any surface with our sturdy mounting hardware or attached using removable 3M™ Dual Lock™.

Every work environment benefits from the in stant communication of two-way radios, but it’s not always economical or prudent to equip every employee, and in the case of visitors or customers-it’s not possible. EasyAssist 200HD is an instant resource for connecting people and places to your existing radio investment.

At the push of a button, customers who were looking for an employee are assured someone is on their way, associates are let in a locked door, a manager is called to the location, or a visitor is acknowledged. Each EasyAssist 200HD is fully customizable to its mission without any special tools, using a best-in-class interface.

Record the message the user hears when they push the button and the discreet messages heard on the radio right from the unit. You’ll know just where to go and the person at the station will hear a separate message with information or assurance their call is being heard.

Completely wireless and compatible w ith any radio, each EasyAssist 200HD is engineered to give you long-lasting functionality. EasyAssist        200HD does not require complicated in stallation. Just mount it to the desired sur face and you’ve instantly improved your work environment with a sophisticated and versatile device. Completely wireless enabled, the EasyAssist 200HD facilitates clear communication without interruptions to further add professionalism to your workspace.

EA200HD Features:

Clear two-way voice communication

Push-to-talk / release-to-listen intuitive operation

Works with Motorola™ and most business radios

High volume output

Heavy duty poly carbonate enclosure

Tamper resistance

Water resistance

Attractive glowing call button when call is active

Adjustable radio and local speaker volumes

Dimensions: 8.25" x 4.75" x 2.38"

Red, blue, green graphics available

User selectable frequencies between 450- 470 Mhz

CTCSS and DCS full spectrum encoding

Over 100,000 sq/ft coverage (tested in obstructed warehouse)

.6 mile range

Discreet internal antenna

Menu driven LCD programming screen

Menu programming on device or high speed PC programmer available

Interface lockable to prevent tampering

Optional AC power adaptor

Design, Manufactured, and Service in U.S.A

1 year battery life at 10 uses per day

Uses 3 internal C lithium-ion replaceable batteries

Customizable low battery message

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