Motorola CLP1010 UHF Two Way Radio (2-Pack)

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  • Motorola CLP1010 Two Way Radio 2-Pack
  • Motorola CLP1010 Two Way Radio 2-Pack
  • Motorola CLP1010
  • Motorola CLP1010 Two Way Radio
  • Motorola CLP1010 Two Way Radio
  • Motorola CLP1010 Two Way Radio
  • Motorola CLP1010 Two Way Radio
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The Motorola CLP1010 is power, clarity, and reliability all packed into a sleek, lightweight two-way radio, designed for small to mid-sized businesses. It is equipped with 1 channel and 1 watt of output power in an easy to operate design. The CLP 1010 boasts a coverage area of 100,000 sq. ft. or 10 indoor floors. If you’re looking for discreet, affordable communication for your staff, then the Motorola CLP1010 On-Site Business Two Way Radio might just be what you need.
The CLP1010 package includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 12 hours off of a single charge, a single radio charger, a belt holster, and an earpiece/mic with PTT (push-to-talk). There are additional upgraded parts for the CLP1010 to inhance user experience including the high capacity lithium-ion battery that allows for up to 14 hours of use on one charge, CPS programming cable where you can utilize free Motorola programming software, and a magnetic clip when attaching a belt clip holster isn't an option.
This lightweight two-way radio is the perfect solution to your communications needs at an affordable price. Don't be concerned with privacy as the CLP1010 has 219 interference elimination codes allowing for numerous channel options to keep your transmissions confidential. Talk about ease of use, the Motorola CLP Series comes with voice driven menus to help configure your two way radio. You’ll have your staff up and running in no time with the Motorola CLP1010.   
The CLP1010 two-way radio is designed for use in the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries, but that's not to say the CLP1010 wouldn’t be effective in different job sectors as well. is knowledgeable and trained on all the radios we carry so any questions regarding a communications solution for your field is welcome. 
Impressive Coverage Area
Communicate with a 100,000 sq. ft or in an office building up or down 10 floors. Crisp, clear communication to empower your staff. 
Smart Status Glow
Ring around PTT button changes color indicating active channel, radio transmit and receive, battery status and scan.
Repeater Capable
Increase the CLP1010 range with a Motorola repeater.
UHF Frequencies and Interference Codes
219 Interference eliminator codes - 39 standard + 6 custom PL codes, 84 standard + 84 inverted + 6 custom DPL codes.
Germ Fighter
Anti-microbial protection built into the exterior housing to help prevent germs and other organisms from building up on the radio.
The Motorola CLP series is an effective business two-way radio that is simple to use and can be up and running moments after opening. When employing a fleet of the CLP1010 radios, save time and vital space by using the CLP series 6-bank multi-unit charger to charge up to 6 CLP1010 two-way radios at once. Want to save time programming each radio? Pick up the CLP cloning cable for the convenience of copying one radios settings to the rest.  


CLP1010 Radio Features:

  • Operates with a Range of up to 100,000 sq. ft. and/or 10 floors
  • 1 Channel / 84 Interference eliminator codes
  • Access to 99 UHF business frequencies 
  • 1 Watt of power with repeater capability
  • Rechargeable battery packs
  • Drop-In battery charger
  • Internal antenna
  • Military specs
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
  • Operates with use of earpiece audio accessory
  • Battery Life provides up to 12 hours
  • Optional High Capacity Battery provides up to 18 hours 


When deciding if the Motorola CLP1010 is right for you, feel confident in knowing that Motorola knows two-way radios and they know their target work industry. Motorola is the biggest name in two-way radio communication and they have put their trust in to deliver the best radio to our customers and clients. is an Authorized Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer, which is a highly sought after privilege that is not just handed out to any two-way radio dealership. Feel confident that you will be receiving the best radio for your work needs from an experienced radio expert with flawless customer service. The CLP1010 was built after endless detailed meetings with industry leaders. With their input, Motorola built the CLP series to accomplish success all day, every day.



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Warranty Information

2 - Motorola CLP1010 Radio
2 - CLP Series Belt Clip Holster
2 - Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
2 - Single Unit Battery Charger
2 - Earpiece Audio Accessory
2 - User Manual
2 - Quick Reference Guide
NEW 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

CLP1010 User Manual
CLP Brochure
CLP Spec Sheet
CLP Restaurant Field Use
CLP Retail Field Use
CLP Hospitality Field Use

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Additional Information

Number of Radios:
Daily Use by Staff
Industry Users:
Retail, Hospitality, Restaurants, Healthcare
Frequency Operation:
Business UHF
Max. Talk Range (up to):
10 floors/100,000 sq. ft.
1 Watt
Military Durability Spec's:
Weatherproof Rated:
NOAA Weather Alert:
Dustproof Rated:
Wind & Noise Reduction:
No. of Channels Available:
1 Channel
Repeater Capability:
Rechargeable Battery Life (up to):
12-18 Hours
2.38 oz.
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