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Call Buttons

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The EasyAssist Wireless Call Button provides an ideal way to enhance communication and improve customer service. Whether your customers need a standard call button, or a button with two way communication, EasyAssist provides a reliable solution. The optional Heavy Duty versions provide the durability needed for extreme temperatures and impacts. And all models work seamlessly with Motorola UHF Two-Way Business Radios.

Offering indoor and heavy-duty outdoor models, the EA200 and EA200 HD play a local message on the button and a separate message sent to two-way radios, while the EA200 PPT and EA200 HD PTT act as fixed, push-to-talk call buttons with two-way communication between the call button and the radiosEasyAssist is engineered to give long-lasting functionality, and does not require complicated installation. Just mount it to the desired surface and instantly improve communication anywhere there are customers or employees that need to interact.

Standard features include: Glowing call button when call is active; Adjustable message volumes; Easy setup and user programmable frequencies/codes*; Self-customizable messages*; Low battery alert message; Variable power settings for longer battery life or greater range; Interchangeable graphic insert**; Includes heavy duty 3M™ Dual Lock™ reclosable fastener strips (2” x 3”); Wall, pole, shelf and kiosk mounts available. 

Specifications: EA200 and EA200 PTT models use 6 AA batteries, HD models use 3 C Li-ion replaceable batteries (included); Durable ABS and Lexan construction; FCC & ICC approved; Self- serviceable; Works with any two-way radios operating on UHF business frequencies. Full one year replacement warranty.

*Optional programming available. Programming charge $15.00 per unit.
**Optional custom graphics available. Call for design charge.

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