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A great way to build a successful retail business is to make communication among your staff one of your highest priorities. When the customers start lining up and your sales agents aren’t on the same page, problems can easily arise. Luckily, using Motorola Business Two-Way Radios is the perfect solution for retail outlets trying to foster increased productivity.

The main products we provide include Motorola two-way radios and other Motorola radio accessories, all of which can help keep your business running smoothly even when the demands of the job get particularly crazy.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Portable Two-Way Radio?

Due to the importance of face-to-face customer interactions, it can be difficult in retail keeping all of our sales agents informed of changing policies and issues. Motorola radios alleviate this burden by allowing everyone on your staff to stay up to date with real-time information. Now your management team can relate directly with other workers, making each and every day as productive as possible.

What Features Can I Expect?

When trying to juggle a staff being pulled in multiple directions at once, you’ll definitely benefit from Motorola two-way radio products, namely our Motorola CLP1010 and Motorola DTR550 models. Now you can group call everyone at the workplace, using individually assigned radio IDs and immediate transmission capabilities to prevent customer service problems and eventually foster customer loyalty through superior care.

Who Do I Need to Call?

Should you have any other questions regarding Motorola’s place in the retail industry, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You should also feel free to speak to one of our sales experts by calling us toll free at (855) 875-9909.




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