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Whether you are operating a restaurant or providing life-saving care in an Emergency Room, Motorola's on-site two-way business radios were built to meet your every need and aide in your success of day-to-day operations. Motorola's professional radios were built with your work industry in mind, being able to withstand harsh work-site conditions, being used as discreetly as needed, or packing some effective and necessary features like weather alerts, group talk, and hands-free talk. 

Equipping your team with a Motorola on-site business two-way radio will not only increase productivity, but will help streamline operations, build customer service, and increase workplace safety. At Two-Way City, we only carry the best, which means you only get the best when you become one of our many satisified customers. Using one of our CLP Series Radios, a restaurant manager can coordinate with the hostess to make sure tables are clean and guests are being greeted, then switching channels to communicate with the kitchen manager to check on cook times and update on status of the dining room. The added accessories of bluetooth compatibility and magnetic cases make the CLP on-site two-way radio a great tool in fast paced professional environments. 

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