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VHF Radios

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The other category type of two way radios belong to very high frequency (VHF) radios. They are used for long-range communication, with wave lengths that travel up to a horizon of 100 miles.

What sets them apart from UHF radios is that they are less likely to be interrupted with interferences and noise. They operate on two wave ranges, low and high. Lower VHF ranges tend to have more noise mainly because they are used for transmissions of microphones and controlled toys to name a few.

It’s recommended to use high band VHF ranges for serious and professional applications. Due to interruption that is caused by barriers, VHF radios are recommended for outdoor use such as golf courses and some construction sites. Their signals don’t seem to penetrate steel and concrete very well.

VHF two way radio advantages:

  • They are less expensive than UHF radios.
  • They have a longer lasting battery due to their limited radio wave frequencies.
  • They come along with larger antennas, making them less sizeable.
  • Interference can most likely occur if other users are nearby in the area.
  • They cannot penetrate through concrete and steel, making them applicable exclusively for outdoor use.


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