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UHF Radios

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UHF radios usually pick up much shorter wave lengths than VHF radios, at around 12-24 inches. Now, interferences can often occur more in UHF radios as opposed to VHF radios, but a larger bandwidth is approved at up to 250 mW, exceeding the VHF’s 50 mW, allowing users to communicate at larger distances.

UHF radio signals are incorporated in many everyday aspects of life such as Wi-Fi, satellite communication, Bluetooth, walkie-talkie, mobile phones and TV broadcasting.

Their signals don’t travel quite as far when compared to VHF signals, but they can easily pass through wood, concrete and steel. This makes UHF radios a popular application for urban environments and throughout building structures.

UHF two way radio advantages:

  • They penetrate through concrete and steel.
  • They often have smaller antennas which make them more compact and easy to carry along.
  • They offer a higher frequency for communicating at further distances.
  • Their long wave lengths waste battery power significantly.
  • Their wide range of different wave lengths offers users a lower possibility of intersecting their communication.


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