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RM Series

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Good communication on the job is absolutely critical to keep your workday flowing smoothly. When you are working in a large building, that is much easier said than done—unless you have Motorola 2-way radios. With the Two-Way City - RMU2080, you can keep in touch with your employees through 20 building floors or 250,000 square feet of surface area. That is a large space to communicate over.

With innovative two-way radio technology, it has never been easier to keep communication open at the job despite how large your work area may be. In the United States, two-way radios are a must-have with the increasing number of thriving businesses. Here is everything that you need to know about the Two-Way City - RMU2080.

Features that Meet High Standards

This model, the Two-Way City - RMU2080, is not just your standard two-way radio. It was designed to reach further, go the distance and work harder than ever before. The RMU2080 features 8 channel settings with 89 different possibilities for UHF frequencies that may be selected, as well as 122 codes. This model boasts two watts of power, and it meets the highest standards of military specifications and was designed specifically for larger buildings.

Motorola Is Good for Business

Motorola radios can help your business to succeed day in and day out. Whether you are saving lives from burning buildings or constructing brand new sky scrapers, Motorola offers packages and services that fit the needs of your job. These radios are created with the work industry in mind—capable, tough and long-lasting. There are also many great features available such as weather notifications and hands-free talking. Motorola radios are helping business to communicate better and operate smoother than ever before thanks to crisp, quick two-way radio capabilities. Your set of Two-Way City - RM series radios will work with you through the day every day.

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