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Light Duty Business Radios

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Motorola Two-Way Radios that perform well for light duty use are effective in environments where your staff will be assisting retail customers, hostesses are coordinating seating or teachers are improving communications at a school daycare center. Our Motorola professional line of two-way business radios and accessories will help take your team's communication to the next level by providing instant communication that is crisp, clear and effortess. 

Our lighter duty radios are built tough but geared more towards less harsh work days and would be used in lower intensity environments where there is a lesser chance of hard contact incidents. They have a sleek design and are smaller in size compared to our medium duty business radios and heavy duty business radios

Generally our light duty two-way radios are around 1-2 watts and have between 1-4 channels. Access the built-in interference eliminator codes and expand the number of channel possibilities greatly. 

If you have questions about whether our Motorola Light Duty Business Two-Way Radios are right for your business or need help in placing your order, please call us toll free at 855.875.9909.

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