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Do I need an FCC GMRS License and how do I obtain one?

Do I need an FCC GMRS License and how do I obtain one?

The answer is yes and no. If you purchase a radio that has access to GMRS frequencies and will be using those channels within the United States then the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires that you register for a FCC GMRS license. If you plan on using the FRS channels only then you do not need a license to operate the two-way radio. 

Can I still use my new two way radio without the license or will I get in trouble?

As long as the radio comes featuring FRS frequencies (Family Radio Service) then you can operate off of those channels without a license. 

How do I get my GMRS license?

Apply online at the FCC Universal Licensing System website. Your license will be good for five years and will cost $85.00. 

If I decide not to to purchase a license, will that effect my two way radio user experience?

That is a Yes and No answer! Yes, where you will be limited to the FRS channels (if that model comes featuring FRS channels, typically channels 8-14) which transmit at a half watt of transmit power and will have limited range. Utilizing the GMRS channels allows for more channel options, higher wattage of power and a longer range. To answer my No, all of the features will remain the same so whether you have your GMRS license or not you will still be able to fully experience what that specific model has to offer. 

Is the GMRS license mandatory prior to buying two way radios?

It is NOT mandatory to get your GMRS license to purchase or use two-way radios. We are in no way affiliated with the FCC and do not relay any customer information to them. The decision to purchase or not purchase an FCC license in no way impacts your buying experience with www.twowaycity.com. The choice is yours, we are only here to provide any answers to questions that you may have and to provide you with the best buying experience you could hope for!




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