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CLP Series

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When you’re on-the-go, you don’t have time to fiddle with unintelligible and frustrating communication. For those who work in the hospitality and retail industries in the United States, having a reliable source of communication during a rush is necessary. With the Motorola CLP1060 portable two-way radio, you and your employees can stay in-touch with each other to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Portable Two-Way Radio Benefits

As you have the ability to stay in contact with your employees, you can improve process across the board in your restaurant or store. You can react to emergency situations more quickly, and you can continuously keep track of employees and where they are in relation to their specific tasks.

These systems are also user-friendly, so your team can adapt to working with these tools almost right out of the box. Long gone are the days of miscommunication and slowed process because information was lost in the craziness of the shift.

Motorola CLP1060 Radio Specs

The Motorola CLP 1060 has a range of up to 100,000 square feet or 10 floors, six channels, 99 UHF frequencies, and multiple codes for both analog and digital interference eliminators. A channel scan will allow for you to monitor frequencies so that you can pick the clearest route for your team. It should go without saying that these portable two-way radio bundles will provide your employees with the clear communicative abilities they need to get through their shifts successfully.

Bluetooth and wired earpiece technologies are available for the CLP1060, which allows for employees to communicate comfortably and more efficiently. The rugged, simple design and one-year warranty of these radios will protect your investment from the rough environments of the retail and hospitality industries. As the CLP1060 is sold in bundles, you can equip your entire team with these beneficial devices in an economical and effective way.

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